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H40xW40mm, China

This is part of a set of the zodiac animals clay gu gu toy.  They are called gu gu because they are whistle toy and makes “gu gu” sound.  Traditionally families would gather to hand build them together after the harvest season in the winter.  The gu gu normally has a black base colour and highlighted with bright colours but unlike the other clay toys they are glazed and then fired.  Happy Halloween!


L500mm, China

This is a snake toy made of section of small bamboo, with each section held together by a small metal rod.  Holding on to the tail section, it will become animated and move like a real snake ready to attack!

H150xD100mm, China

Today continuing with the Halloween theme with something less scary. This straw witch is perfect for Halloween decoration.

Just part of our collection.

L150xW130mm, Indonesia

This is a Topeng use for masked dances in Indonesia.  This mask would have been worn by the Bondres character , a joker to bring in the humorous elements in the performance.  Despite the ugly facial expression, the Bondres are popular character because of the bawdy jokes and satires that poke fun at the current events.  The jawless mask was made so for the actor to be able to speak clearly.  Each dancer would have his own collection and there are many different of these clown character.  The eye brow and moustache are made with goat hair.

H100xW50xD60mm, China

Puppets originally are used as burial item made to replace human sacrificial burial.  In the Han dynasty theatrical art developed, puppet show was not only the first performance art of China, it was the leader of all theatrical art.  By Sung Dynasty, Quan Zhou was the cosmopolitan of its time; arts, trade, religion were at their peak, religious ceremony was held every 3-5 days, the witch craft associated puppet show flourished. There was a demand of high quality puppets, the carving works of the head that were in the beginning carried out by the Buddha statue craftman were later developed as specialised art.  This is a glove puppet of a monk, the eye and the mouth can be controlled separately and there is even a small tongue!

W600xL900mm, China

This is one of the traditional costume of the Miao tribe from the Qian Chung Nan area  In fact there are over 200 different styles within the Miao tribe, different district would have their own costumes (hairstyle, accessory, clothing, etc) which has been modified along the different dynasty.  From the Qing dynasty, embroidery, silverware, Manchurian style left or right breasted garments were added into the collection.  This garment would have been worn by a middle age female; made with blue cotton, tailored to be loosely fitted with no collar.

H250xW100xD150mm, Thailand

Please pray for those who are suffering by the flood in Thailand, the worst in 50 years, and that serenity will return soon.

Praying monk figurine; they are usually found in a pair at either side of the Buddha statue, both kneeling, one praying and the other one has his hands resting on the thighs.

DIA300XH100mm, Japan

This is a wooden container for the preparation of sumeshi
(rice used for sushi).

  1. Cooked 6 bowls of rice with 100mm of kelp
  2. Prepare the vinegar dressing;
    60cml rice wine vinegar + 40g sugar + 10g salt
  3. Put hot rice in the wooden container and add in vinegar dressing
  4. Use a spatula and mix the rice
    (with some sliding and slipping action)
  5. Use a uchiwa (fan) to cool off the rice
  6. Once cooled, covered and ready for making sushi!

H150xW150mm, China

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