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W140xD80xH150mm, Indonesia

With the nasal mucus dripping down, it mask can only belongs to the clown of the mask dance, the bondres.  The half mask enable them to tell jokes and engaged in comical dialogues.

Bondres Dukuh is the advisor to King Raja, in the dance he also is the means to broadcast the king’s commands.  As a comic Bondres Dukuh is a lame spiritual leader, a bit deaf and blind, his speech are filled with coughs and jokes about betel nut.


cheeky maskW150xD70xH220mm, China

This is a mask for the female role (Dan) in the Chinese theatre.
The diva.
Strangely, it is not portrayed as a beautiful female but a rather comical.  This is because the mask is that of a Cai Dan (the clown).  Like all good theatre, the clown is essential.

Within the dan catagory there were the Gui Men Dan (known for the singing), the Hua Dan (specialized in movement and speech), the Wu Dan (the Chinese version of Laura Croft), Lao Dan (the older women) and Cai Dan (the clown).

In this clip you will the beautiful Xi Shi (Hua Dan), followed by the comical Dong Shi (Cai Dan) and mother (Lao Dan)


L150xW130mm, Indonesia

This is a Topeng use for masked dances in Indonesia.  This mask would have been worn by the Bondres character , a joker to bring in the humorous elements in the performance.  Despite the ugly facial expression, the Bondres are popular character because of the bawdy jokes and satires that poke fun at the current events.  The jawless mask was made so for the actor to be able to speak clearly.  Each dancer would have his own collection and there are many different of these clown character.  The eye brow and moustache are made with goat hair.

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