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Textile Width 380mm, China

Hand weaving used to be a traditional household craft for the minority tribes in China, the females would spend their passtime weaving fabric for the use of the family.  During these times, not only would the mother would be passing the technique to her girls, it is also a social gathering for the family.

However, with the industrial development of China, it is much easier to buy ready made clothes instead of starting from making a piece of yarn.  For the younger generation, the prospect is also brighter to work in a factory in a city than farming in the village.  Time has changed, social gathering happens in front of the telly or with the mobile.

This hand woven fabric from our collection is sadly becoming past of history.



This delicate gold plated carving used to be a hat decoration.  Until the Qing dynasty hat was seen as a status symbol, worn by only the Emperor and the high ranking officials, commoners are forbidden to wear hats and usual tie their hair with a piece of cloth.  It was until the Qing dynasty that hats became an item for all, though their style and details are still well defined by the social levels.  On its hundredth day birthday, a baby would be given a hat which is constructed a bit like the beach ball, bind by 6 equal wedges of cloth.  The 6s represented the sky, the earth and the four directions.  On this hat a decorative ornament would be place over the forehead, an ornament of good wishes; the eight immortals, longevity, luo han, etc.

This particular decoration has the theme of a Zhuang Yuan, the scholar who came top in the examination.
A wish for scholarly, prosperity, loyalty to the country, everything parents would wish for their child.

Something Old Something New
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A pair of jade bats.
The Chinese believes that bats symbolizes blessing, 2 bats, double blessing.
The word for bat is 蝠 ( fu), which sound like the word for blessing, 福 (fu)

Personally, I think they are the sweetest bats, perhaps second to this … wait to see it even yawns!

Something Old Something New
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This beautiful necklace is made up of a string of hollowed jade beads.
The colour works strikely well with the hand woven Chinese knots string.


Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection


For the Something Old Something New Collectible Jewellery is the necklace of the three fish, the dushan jade fish are hang on a hand woven Chinese knots necklace.

Three fish are seen as a sign of blessing, in the East Han dyansty, when bribery was a common affair, there was a just  officer named Yang Zhen.  Yang was in charged of the appointment of government official, unlike the others before him, he would only appoint those who has the ability and reject those who tried to bribe him.  One day, when Yang was at a low point in his life, he saw three fish jumping out of pond.  He feels that the gods has understood him and blessed him with the three fish and soon after he was promoted to be one of the three top officials.  The three fish became a symbol for the three top officials under only the emperor himself, in today’s terms they are the prime minister, the secretary of home affairs and the secretary of defense.


Something Old Something New
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Textile Width 450mm, China

Fancy a striped shirt made with hand woven cloth?

Before that some stripes illusion.

locket necklace

DIA165mm, China

We have previous talked about the long life lockets as a blessing for the young, more detail can be found in the posts;
Silver Necklace, Kirin Boy Necklace, Happy Encounter Necklace, 13 Tai Bo Locket, Original Long Life Locket and others items such as Du Dou Embroidery, Clay Doll – A Fu.

This particular locket has been glazed with Beijing enamel, shao lan, a vitreous enamel process used typically for silver jewellery.  The powder enamel was melted at 600c to set on the silverware, cooled and reeapplied for 4-5 times.  Because of the low temperature firing, the different ingredient, the Beijing enamel is more transparent than the popular Cloisonne.

The technique was introduced from Europe in the late 17th century and like all novelty only restricted for court production.  By late Qing dynasty silver items of Beijing Enamel can be found in silversmiths.

This necklace has a hand woven string, with the silver locket anchored with a jade carving tube dyed traditional technique.  On the locket, there are two kirins on either side with the word of blessing – Fortune and Career


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fish necklaceDIA165mm, China

Something Old Something New
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Fish jade pendants have been popular since the Neolithic period, Zhou, Sung, Ming, Qing dynasty and it continue till today.  Fish was the probably the first stable food source before the invention of primitive farming and was chosen as an early subject matter.  As linguist developed, it also attended as a symbol of  “surplus“.  In the Tang dynasty, it had even been prescribed to Concubine Yung Gui Fei for cooling the dry summer heat – by sucking on one jade fish a day.

The fish on this necklace are attached to the beautifully pleated collar.

bird necklacebird


DIA200mm, China

The pendant of this necklace is the partridge, “Chun”, the Chinese believes that this special bird comes from the same family as the Phoenix.  Looking at the video … its probably a very very distant cousin …

The “Chun” first made its name in the Warring State period as a gourmet dish, by the Tang dyansty it is used in bird fighting.  It made its name by the Sung dynasty as a popular subject for painting.  One might wonder with its physique managed a place  in the subject of the art world.  It has to do with the word “Chun” sounds like “An” which means peace, ease and together with the other elements in the painting symbolizes longevity, settle, etc.  The subject matter extended from Sung dyansty all the way to the Qing dynasty.


DIA165mm, China

This neckware is made up of two ponys old silver pendants.  These pendants have little bells attached attached at the bottom, similar to the previous Bell Necklace these were used as a child monitor.  The colourful band of the necklace has been put together by hand.

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