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DIA90xH80(large) H60mm(small), Hong Kong

Happy valentine’s Day!


stopperDIA100xH300mm, Hong Kong + Sumatra, Indonesia

Remember the guri guri potion stopper?  It has now completed with a jar!
The jar has been custom made for the stopper.

The figurine belonged to the datu (shaman) of the Batak tribe in Sumatra.  Magic guri guri potion would have been kept in the jar, which is the ingredient for magic performed by the datu.
The figurine consists of 2 humans riding on a singa, a mythological creature that is benevolent and powerful, it is described to be part human, part buffalo, part crocodile.

coconut lid container

DIA130xH110, DIA120xH90, DIA130xH60mm, Hong Kong

This is my newly completed pottery project, continuing with the Something Old Something New theme and the Lotus Leaf Vessel project.  I set out to make containers for these antique coconut lids which were featured on the blog a while back.  They are beautifully carved with the word “longevity” and the 8 lucky treasures and on the back are sealed with a lead lid.

The containers are glazed with bronze oxide on the exterior to match with the golden longevity symbol on the lids.  They will be perfect for offering sweets and other goodies over the Chinese New Year.

coconut lids

spike treat trayW100xD100xH70mm, Hong Kong (NOT FOR SALE)

For Spikey‘s birthday, a treat tray for my father for dishing out munchies.
He really does behave like this with his food…


Can’t believe that you are already 6  years old.
Happy Birthday Spikey!

You can follow Spike’s own on

Tungkot Malehat

W35xD40xH130mm, Sumatra, Indonesia

This beautifully carved figurine belongs to the datu (shaman) of the Batak tribe in Sumatra.  It is the finial of a tungkot malehat, a ritual staff used by the datu.  The tungkot malehat consist of the kneeling figure as well as a rattan or bamboo staff (which unfortunately is missing).  Traditionally, these magic staff is carved by the datu himself, they are powerful supernatural weapons for fighting off evils spirits and also has the power of healing.  During the ceremony the datu would enter into a trance while holding the staff which would aid him in the ritual.

lotus leaf vessel

DIA320xH240mm, Hong Kong

Remember the antique lotus leaf lid that was featured in last winter’s blog?  I started a pottery project of making a vessel to match the lid, after several versions this is the final version which I am most happy with.  It is ideal for serving soup and of course lotus leaf rice.


Spikey Coffee Press

H140xW50xD50mm, Hong Kong

Something Old Something New, a pair of spoons (head) double as tamper (base) for making expresso.

The figurines are of course the famous Spike … & I.  For more of Spike, visit his blog at

spike nail

H100xL100xW60mm, Hong Kong (NOT FOR SALE)

For our dog Spike’s birthday we have on the blog a pottery I made of him having his nail trimmed.  Some of you might have seen the little fellow running about in the shop.  For those who are spike or sealyham terrier fans, here is his blog:

DIA100mm, China

This is a pair of lids made with coconut shell and inlay with pewter, they would have been matched with a coconut shell cups but unfortunately the cups are not absent.  Coconut as a material for tea ware has been used since the Ming dynasty, mainly as an exotic gift to the imperial court from the Hai Nam area.  See also our previous post of the Coconut Teapot.

This item selected by Furze for the Something Old Something New exhibition and is available at both Mountain Folkcraft and Soil.

DIA50xH100mm, China

This item selected by Furze for the Something Old Something New exhibition and is available at both Mountain Folkcraft and Soil.

In the old days this flask would have been used in the kitchen for keeping oil or soy sauce for cooking.  Now with the hairy crab (Chinese mitten crabs) season coming up, it would be ideal for serving Hua Diao wine.  Being pottery, you can submerge the flask into hot water to heat up the wine.  Now talk about pottery and hairy crab, I cant help to show a piece of my work.

W120xD80xH40mm, Hong Kong (not for sale)

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