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DIA130mm, China

zig zag zig zag ziggy zaggy zig zag zig zag



DIA60xWmm, India

 A bracelet composed of ox bone beads and flat tablet beads.  The bolt for bracelet has been carefully carved out from the ox bone.


The perfect circle in motion.

Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection


DIA85mm, China

A jade carved bracelet.

The pattern of the bracelet comes from a bundle of twisted yarn, a pattern that became popular as far back as the Warring State period.

Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection


A matching three fish bracelet to go with the three fish necklace featured in yesterday’s blog.

The bracelet is adjustable with the sliding knot.

Something Old Something New
Collectible Jewellery Collection

silver braceletDIA100mm, China

A Hakka silver bracelet which is called a Shiu Ag, the Hakka believes that the bracelet can keep the evil “wind” away (驅風), the bracelet is quite popular with the older generation women.  In Chinese medicine the sickness of the 4 seasons,  cold / dampness / dryness / summer heat / heat (寒,濕,燥,暑,熱) will enter our body through the “wind”, so its best to get rid of the evil wind.


jewelleryDon’t forget our collectable jewellery event is still on.

Newly arrived pieces with will be featured in the posts of the next following days.
These pieces of jewellery are carefully put together with the art of  Chinese knots with the strings all handwoven for the design.

Stay tune!

To see all our jewellery collection, click HERE!

smarties braceletDIA80mm, China

Did you also grow up with Smarties?  Those that come in a paper tube with an alphabet on the cap?  For me M&M is just not the same, some how this bracelet just bring back all the old memories…

silver bracelet

DIA70xH70mm, China

This fine silver bracelet was one from the Miao tribe in China, the size of a cuff of a shirt, reminiscent of part of the armor.  They are worn in pairs and would be up to 4 pairs at the same time.   Different branches of the Miao tribe have their individual bracelet which all the women would be wearing.

DIA70mm, China

 This silver bracelet has a very simplistic design, a band of silver held at the end by a small opening and a bolt.

This item selected by Furze for the Something Old Something New exhibition and is available at both Mountain Folkcraft and Soil.

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