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orange bead

DIA220mm, Hong Kong

Necklace with silver foil glass beads.

Here is how silver foil beads are made.

and here is how silver foils are made.

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DIA230mm, China

When glass is all round us nowadays, windows, curtain wall building, tables, etc, though they are often at the edge of technology their magic seems to have disappeared.  Somehow, this glass bead necklace seems to be able to reclaim some of that magic.  The shine of the beads are almost pearl like with a spark of translucency.

Something Old Something New
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black beads

DIA22mm, Hong Kong

For the causal wear jewellery, a combination of black and green glass beads.

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gold beads

DIA160mm, Hong Kong

This Thursday’s causal wear accessory is a glass bead necklace.
Dont they look like those traditional fruit candy drops that is lightly coated with glucose and came in a tin?

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DIA200mm, China

Another necklace for causal wear.
Colourful glass beads matches with outfits or pick up on black and white.

Something Old Something New
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W240xD160xH100mm, China

An old wooden jewellery box with compartment, a mirror and a small latch for pad lock.

It gives a feeling of nostalgia and mystery.
Perhaps an ideal setting for a Joseph Cornell type box project.
A box of dream inside a lock treasure box.

snuff bottleW45xL70xH25mm, China

A snuff bottle in the form of a sleepy blue frog.

Now a song for the festive season.


Before looking into the subject, I have always thought that 琉璃 “liu li” is only a posher name for glass 玻璃 “bo li”.  Unlike the ordinary glass “liu li” is a precious material, one of the 7 treasures of musaragalva, agate, liu li, amber, pearl and musk.

“liu li” is in fact a totally different material and is produced with an entirely different technique.  The technique of “liu li” production has been used in China for over 2000 years, it is believed to be an accidental discovery during early lead making.  In the process of making oxidized lead, a glaze like substance is found to be attached to the clay kiln, a further firing of the glaze with quartz became the early formula of liu li.  Unlike glass, “liu li” is opaque and formed by a laborious task of casting and sanding.


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W45xD45xH50mm, China

Millefiori, “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers), in Italian.

I had a similar millefiori paper weight as a child.  I had no concept of a paper weight then and took it as a treasure item which I spend numerous lazy afternoons staring into the glass.  I would swear once I saw the little flowers moving inside but of course no one would believe me.

The millefiori frog here is not a Baccarat, but I just love the 70s psychedelic feeling to the film … and now you can perhaps also see the flowers moving inside the glass.

snuff bottlesnuff bottle

W40xD25xH70mm, China

The blue rabbit on the transparent glass gives this bottle a dream like quality, it reminds me of legendary jade rabbit on the moon.

For the rabbits, this is perhaps their dream place to be, Okunshima, the rabbit paradise where rabbits runs free with no predators.  However, back in 1925 this island was a hell hole for the rabbits, they were used to test the poisonous gas that was produced on the island by the Japanese Imperial army.  The poisonous gas is now commissioned and a museum has been set up to alter the people of the effect of poisonous gas and war.

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