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cardW110xH150mm, Hong Kong

Aside from all the symbolism that the umbrella has on Hong Kong recently, this is a paper cutout from the scene of the Opera Madam White Snake.  The story was set at the West Lake in Sung dynasty, one day in the rain the young gentleman Xu Xian (figure above) saw two pretty girl at the pier and offered the umbrella to them leading to the romance of the story.  Earlier on, Xu Xian rescued a white snake, it was moved and fell in love with Xu.  The white snake transformed herself into Bai (white) Su Zhen and together with her friend Qing Qing (green) appeared at the pier.  Under her magical spell, Xu fell in love with Bai.

Click to see an embroidery of the the same scene.



W140xL140mm, Hong Kong

Its the time of the year to start writing your X’mas cards!

Come and pick up our x’mas cards along with the other gifts.

Here is the list of dates you need to post your cards and gifts to get to the destination in time!



W110xH150mm, Hong Kong

A paper cutout white cat on a greeting card.

Paper cutout is a traditional Chinese craft, a simple way of decoration which was displayed on windows, lamp shade, anywhere with translucency of light .

… and here is a talented white cat.


W110xH150mm, Hong Kong

One of a pair of cards for with the blessing “peace for the 4 seasons“.

Features boys each holding a potted plant, plum blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and lotus, the four plants are known as the four season flowers, each representing a season.

Spring – orchid, Summer – lotus, Autumn – chrysanthemum, Winter – plum blossom

The “vase” 瓶 (ping) has the same pronunciation as “peace” 平 (ping); thus symbolizing peace all year round.


cardW110xH150mm, Hong Kong

A series of paper cutout greeting cards of cats by Mountain Folkcraft.

Here a blue cat in a sitting pose, ever wonder how many ways they can sit?

Have a good weekend and spend some time with the cat!


W130xH160mm, Hong Kong

A papercut out.

Portrait of a child.

Reminded me of my childhood outfit for Chinese New Year.
Covered in head to in red traditional costume.

L150xW120mm, China

Wood block print presented on greeting card.

L150xW110mm, China

The opera character of this paper cutout is Wei Chi Gong of the Siu dynasty who was persuaded to defect from Siu to join the first Tang empire by the Tang emperor.  The story of the opera begins when Wei was still a general of the Siu empire whom went on war with the Tang, not only did he won, he disarmed a Tang general Yuan.  This general was humiliated and when Wei join the Tang empire, he made up excuses to have Wei killed, luckily the plan failed.  Years later, when the Tang emperor was losing his war, general Yuan left him and ran for his life.  Luckily Wei arrived to save the day.  This is Wei story in the opera but perhaps you know him as the Chinese door god, but that’s another story…

W90xL90mm, China

This is paper cutout is from the procession of the mouse’ wedding.  The Chinese believes that mouse are prey and should be kept out of the house.  The cunning plan was to arrange a marriage for daughter mouse on Chinese New Year’s eve so that the house would be cleansed and blessed.  Over New Year paper cutout of the full procession (including varies mouse musician, gift carrier and of course the bride) would be stuck on the walls or windows of the house.  This cutout is a part of the 12 zodiac animals made into a greeting card.

W120xL150mm, China

Paper cutout are used as decoration, it is still very popular in rural china.  It is mainly practice by the girls in the village where the technique is often used as a basis to determine the skill of the bride.  The paper cutout artists, however, are mostly male dominated.   It can be made with scissors (often with a symmetrical pattern with folded papers) or with small chisel knifes.   This cat and kitten cutout is presented on a greeting card.

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