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H150xW50xD70mm, Macau

Along the coasts and waterway of the southern China there is a tribe called the Tanka who reside on the junk boats.  Each family would have two small boats,one anchored for living and the other for fishing.  Wooden figurines of Gods and ancestors are made for worshiping and to offer blessing when they are out at sea.  With the decreasing number of fish and the better job opportunities on land, there are now only 1/5 of the Tanka still living at sea.


W400xL400mm, China

This is believed to be a piece of  Han Xiu embroidery from the area around Wu Han.  Han Xiu differ from the famous four Chinese embroidery styles where the colour scheme are flat and without shades.  Flourished in the early Qing Dynasty,  this style has now become a dying trade as the artisans have disappeared during the war.  This art has recently been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Chinese Government.  This particular piece of embroidery is a remnant of the decorative piece of a duvet cover.

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