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W120xD100xH480, Burma

This is a figurine of the Buddha with an alms bowl standing on a lotus flower.

In Theravada Buddhism, “pindacara” a daily alms collection of food “pindapata” is practiced by the monks (and nuns).  The word for monk “bhikkhu” means one who lives on alms, while “pindapata” means dropping a lump.  The monks would leave their monastery, in a group they walk barefooted in single file according to seniority, their robe formally arranged covering both shoulders.  The route will go through the village house by house, accepting but never requesting food that is dropped into the bowls.  This figurine, the Buddha, is leading figurine of a group which consists of monks of different heights which unfortunately is not with us.

Monks in Burma

the second film has a more in depth view of a monk’ life.


W100xD100xH250mm, Thailand

This is a old Thai monk figurine with folded palms,  namaskara mudra.  His palms are placed together at the level of the heart where in India is a traditional gesture of salutation and adoration, one of the oldest Indian mudras, a greeting expressed in the form of a prayer coming from one’s heart.

mu yuDIA90xH60mm, China

Mu Yu is a form of Chinese percussion musical instrument, it comes in different sizes from DIA 40- 850mm producing different sound at each size.  The smallest size is only for the used in the Buddhism recitation.  The name Mu Yu (wooden fish) is believed to be a reminder for the monks, as the fish is awake and alert in the day and at night, Buddhism should be practiced just the same.

Here is what it sounds like with chanting:

And here is a Maywa Denki version:

H250xW100xD150mm, Thailand

Please pray for those who are suffering by the flood in Thailand, the worst in 50 years, and that serenity will return soon.

Praying monk figurine; they are usually found in a pair at either side of the Buddha statue, both kneeling, one praying and the other one has his hands resting on the thighs.

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