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boxW70xD70xH30mm, Indonesia

A small box with the covered made from ikat fabric.

The technique of ikat dyeing starts before the actual weaving begins.  Certain yarn on the warp is wrapped up with thread or string.  When the dye applied to the warp, the wrapped up part form a resist to the dye.  Threads are then removed, leaving an area of undyed yarn.  It is then ready to be woven into cloth.  Because of the unevenness of the warp wrapping, the woven result has a characteristic ikat effect.

Ikat weaving is particularly laborious as the pattern is often pictorial, the warp has to be loaded on the weaving loom before carefully tying up the pattern.  After dying the warp has to be loaded but on the loom at the same location before weaving.



A small onxy box.
Such dreamyness.
What precious would you place inside?


W240xD160xH100mm, China

An old wooden jewellery box with compartment, a mirror and a small latch for pad lock.

It gives a feeling of nostalgia and mystery.
Perhaps an ideal setting for a Joseph Cornell type box project.
A box of dream inside a lock treasure box.

pearl boxD160xL280xH80mm, China

A box for the precious objects, decorated with mother of pearl inlay describing a scene of plum blossom and playful birds.  The theme of plum blossom and birds often appears in jewelry, paintings and pottery, symbolizing the beginning of a new year (click to see our other items of the same theme).

pearl box

stationary box

W250xD140xH110mm, China

While researching on other items relating to opium, I realised there has been a mistake.

This item as previously published (2013/10/23) as being a stationary box.  Apology!  It is actually a box for storing the opium kit.

Similar box can be found in the Brooklyn Museum Collection.


bamboo boxDIA95xH110mm, China

Bamboo is a plant that can be found in most part of China, not only is it a source for food, it is also used from scaffolding for architecture, to delicate weaved containers and nowadays for flooring and even clothing.

This bamboo box, I found is one of those back to the basic ideas.  Making use of the culm (the main shaft) and the nodes (the horizontal structure), a container is naturally form, the fibrous culm gives the box its texture.

Mother of Pearl lacquer box

DIA40xH25mm, China

The use of mother of pearl in lacquerware has been dated since the Zhou dynasty 1000 B.C. and matured in the Sung dynasty.  The pearl inlay into the black lacquer box creates a dream like magical colour, perhaps some the magic comes from the pain sticking workmanship that goes behind its creation.

Cinnamon Box


W80xD80xH120mm, Vietnam

A box that smells like Xmas, apple pie, chai, the buttery toast in Hampstead, tagine, the warm sweet desert in the coldest night …

Now i am going to make myself a midnight snack …

Rock Box

DIA100xH70mm, Hong Kong


Rock shape box,
pinching to get a close form,
padding to get the facet shape and texture,
cut at semi dry to get the lid perfectly fit.

shell boxW80xD80xH80mm, Hong Kong

Everytime I see this box it just brings a smile across my face.  It just made me think of a happy oyster.  It will make a brilliant place for storing all the little treasure that would become pearls over time.

Orgainc shape box by King Fung; stoneware glaze, made by simple two parts pinching and alteration.  Finger indent works provide an easy grab for opening the box.

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