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H100xW50xD60mm, China

Puppets originally are used as burial item made to replace human sacrificial burial.  In the Han dynasty theatrical art developed, puppet show was not only the first performance art of China, it was the leader of all theatrical art.  By Sung Dynasty, Quan Zhou was the cosmopolitan of its time; arts, trade, religion were at their peak, religious ceremony was held every 3-5 days, the witch craft associated puppet show flourished. There was a demand of high quality puppets, the carving works of the head that were in the beginning carried out by the Buddha statue craftman were later developed as specialised art.  This is a glove puppet of a monk, the eye and the mouth can be controlled separately and there is even a small tongue!


W600xL900mm, China

This is one of the traditional costume of the Miao tribe from the Qian Chung Nan area  In fact there are over 200 different styles within the Miao tribe, different district would have their own costumes (hairstyle, accessory, clothing, etc) which has been modified along the different dynasty.  From the Qing dynasty, embroidery, silverware, Manchurian style left or right breasted garments were added into the collection.  This garment would have been worn by a middle age female; made with blue cotton, tailored to be loosely fitted with no collar.

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