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roof lion roof lionL230xW80xH230mm, China

This little monster is the son of the dragon, his name is Suan Ni.  He loves smokes and incense and normally found on the incense burner, as he also loves sitting around Suan Ni is one of the monsters that resides on the roof.  Unlike his brother Chi Wen who loves looking a far and occupies the two ends of the main ridge, Suan Ni sits with the other 4 monsters on the hip of the roof.

The Phoenix Riding Saint – the brother in law of Jiang Zi Ya, who is always nagging Jiang for a promotion in his sainthood.  Jiang, in charge of the appointment of saints put him at the end of the ridge, meaning that anything higher will cause him to fall off the roof.

Followed by the 5 roof hip monsters;

Pheonix – a mythical creature, the queen of all birds.
Suan Ni – the on of dragon who sit around and loves smokes and incense.
Xia Yu – a sea monster, together with Suan Ni, they can control the weather and protect the building.
Xie Zhi – part eagle part leopard, eating all the bad guys, a symbol of justice.
Dou Niu – a type of dragon, able to control the rain.


L50mm, China

Here are a set of Christmas tree ornaments made in the form of Chinese folk toys.  Christmas trees were everywhere in Hong Kong since the beginning of December, but there are actually specific dates for both setting up and taking down of a Christmas tree.

Not to be brought or decorated until Christmas Eve (24th Dec),
to be removed after the 12th night (5th Jan)

If you have messed up with the first one, dont worry, just get the second date right.
Have a Merry X’Mas!

W280xH550mm, China

This Chinese New Year decoration is called the Diao Qian Er; a tradition that has been around since the Sung dynasty, a red paper cutout that will be hung on the lintel of the door.  Commonly, 3 pieces will be hanging on the lintel, 5 on the front door and on the window.  They are to be handle with care, if any is damaged before the 5th day of Chinese New Year, it will forecast a year of bad luck.  The legend of these lintel hanger goes like this; Jiang Zi Ya was made in charge of appointment of all the gods, when his wife found out he has this duty she wanted a title too.  Unfortunately, by then all the titles have been taken up, so Jiang made a title up and appointed her the god of  poverty.  Then he thought it is bad item, if the god of poverty entered the house of the poor, they will be more worse off and this is no job for any god, so he add on a small condition “the god of poverty shall not enter if the house is torn, she shall only enter those with wealth.”  People found out and decided to trick the god, torn piece of paper are stuck on the door and window, later these piece of paper became the Diao Qian Er.  This cutout has the pattern of coins, horses bring in gold and a happy household.

new year decoration.jpg

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H150xD100mm, China

Today continuing with the Halloween theme with something less scary. This straw witch is perfect for Halloween decoration.

H150xW150mm, China

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