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 (S) H100xW50mm, China

This is not what the name suggests, it is perfectly legal… Strands of hemp fiber are tied to a metal wire like a bottle brush.  With these wire, the monkey can becomes quite animated.  The monkey comes in three different sizes with the large one going up to 300mm tall.



The Chinese developed a elaborated art of knotting which became popular in the Tang and Song Dynasty, however the concept of knotting as “button” did not appear until the Ming Dynasty, before that clothing were held together simply by tying up two strapes.  Apart from knot buttons other type of buttons appears e.g. copper, silver, pearl, agate, etc., apart from being functional, they also became a status accessory.   Knotting for buttons developed into several forms,some more elaborated than others, the knotting diagram shown above is for a basic design.

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