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L1400xW1000mm, China

This is a patchwork embroidery duvet cover of the Miao Zu minority tribe.  As the name patchwork embroidery suggests, its a combination of both type of needlework; colours are created by the patchwork and the detail added in by the embroidery.  The Miao has their own individual language but not an individual text; their history is passed down the generations by word of mouth in form of songs or as a design on their embroidery.  The story is symbolised by the pattern of the embroidery, for example in this work, bird = happiness and freedom, flower = young girl, butterfly = mother, dragon = power, etc.

W400xL400mm, China

This is believed to be a piece of  Han Xiu embroidery from the area around Wu Han.  Han Xiu differ from the famous four Chinese embroidery styles where the colour scheme are flat and without shades.  Flourished in the early Qing Dynasty,  this style has now become a dying trade as the artisans have disappeared during the war.  This art has recently been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Chinese Government.  This particular piece of embroidery is a remnant of the decorative piece of a duvet cover.

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