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For the celebration of the arrival of 2013, the Something Old Something New jewellery collection brings you the lucky blessing of the kirin boy.  The kirin, a mystical creature which the Chinese believe to have magical power, it also took on the role of the stork for delivery babies.  This role was attributed to the kirin from the legend of Confucius at the time before he was born; one night a kirin with a scroll in his mouth appeared in front of his parents’ house, the scroll, an announcement from heaven, has the words “he will be a wise man with good morality, though he does not have a throne, he has the virtue of a king”.  The next morning, the kirin disappeared and Confucius was born, sine then the kirin is associated with delivering babies with talents.  The kirin boy pendent, like the long life locket is a special blessing for the child wearing it.

Here is the “making off”, featuring an antique kirin boy silver pendent.

kirin boy 3


spike nail

H100xL100xW60mm, Hong Kong (NOT FOR SALE)

For our dog Spike’s birthday we have on the blog a pottery I made of him having his nail trimmed.  Some of you might have seen the little fellow running about in the shop.  For those who are spike or sealyham terrier fans, here is his blog:


DIA160mm, Hong Kong

For the Something Old Something New Jewellery Collection, we have a jade double lotus neckwear.  The twin lotus, Bingdi lotus, has 2 flowers on a single stem, there are more rare than having a twin for human.  For the Chinese it is a symbol of solidarity, being from the same branch, same heart, use to describe a loving couple.

Unfortunately, before I have a chance to post it on the blog, this unique item has already been sold.  But its such a nice piece that I could not resist of putting it on the blog anyway.

Follow the complete flowering process of the twin lotus here.


L50mm, China

Here are a set of Christmas tree ornaments made in the form of Chinese folk toys.  Christmas trees were everywhere in Hong Kong since the beginning of December, but there are actually specific dates for both setting up and taking down of a Christmas tree.

Not to be brought or decorated until Christmas Eve (24th Dec),
to be removed after the 12th night (5th Jan)

If you have messed up with the first one, dont worry, just get the second date right.
Have a Merry X’Mas!

leather flower

DIA130xH40mm, China

Today is the day of the Chinese winter solstice, Dong Zhi, it is one of the most important date for the rural China.  Early in 500 B.C., basing from sun dial, the date for the 4 seasons were defined with the day of the shortest shadow at noon being summer solstice and the longest being winter solstice.  Here are 2 folk proverbs prediction basing on the weather on the day of winter solstice, take a note and see if they are right.

Warm on Winter Solstice, freezing till middle of March;
Cold on Winter Solstice, Spring will have an early warmth.

Rain on Winter Solstice, sunny on Chinese New Year;
Rain on Mid Autumn, sunny onWinter Solstice.

White leather brooch, for the longest night of the year.  Happy winter solstice!

13 locket

DIA165mm, Hong Kong

To keep everyone safe for the rumor of today being the end of the world, we have an old long life lockets for tonight’s post.

Long life lockets are normally given to a baby on its 100th day’s birthday by the grandmother as a blessing for the child.  In old China when mortality rate is high, the locket is a symbol of locking the child’s life to this world.  There are 4 words on this locket, “13 Tai Bao”, Tai Bao is a high level court official whose duty is to care and guide the emperor.  Legend has it Guang Hui Wang has 13 sons who  are on earth to care and guide humanity.  The 13 Tai Bao is so well known for their protection that even a famous herbal tea for securing pregnancy is named after them.

See our other references of the long life lockets; Silver Necklace, Clay Doll – A Fu, Du Dou Embroidery, Locket.

Mother of PearlDIA180mm, Hong Kong

Who needs pearl when you have mother of pearl!?

3 pongsDIA165mm, Hong Kong

The number 3, though not a number found on the human body is a number of many famous triads.  Man, Woman and Child; Birth, Life and Death;  Beauty, Gentleness and Friendship and of course, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

bronze coral

DIA160mm, Hong Kong

Another unique necklace for the Something Old Something New jewellery collection, string of irregular coral inter-winded together.


DIA160mm, Hong Kong

This neckwear has been sprinkled with a spoonful of jade beads.

Come to see our Something Old Something New Jewellery collection!

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