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jewelleryDon’t forget our collectable jewellery event is still on.

Newly arrived pieces with will be featured in the posts of the next following days.
These pieces of jewellery are carefully put together with the art of  Chinese knots with the strings all handwoven for the design.

Stay tune!

To see all our jewellery collection, click HERE!


DIA170mm, Hong Kong

Here another unique piece of jewellery designed for the Something Old Something New collection.  These are unique one off item designed to suit the beads we have, you will never have a jewellery clash with someone at an exhibition opening or at a dinner reception.  Come check them out!

original long life locket

DIA210mm, China

For the Something Old Something New jewellery collection, there is of course something old.  This is an original long life locket, this locket, being 30omm in length would be too long for any baby to hang around the neck, it would have been hanged in the bedroom of the child which is a tradition of the Jiang Su area.  Such locket would be a gift from the god parents.  For the history of long life locket, check out our previous post locket.

If you look closely in the enlarged photo, you can see the kirin boy decorated on the locket.

This item was sold just as soon as we hang it up, but its such a nice item, I decided to include in the blog nonetheless.


For the celebration of the arrival of 2013, the Something Old Something New jewellery collection brings you the lucky blessing of the kirin boy.  The kirin, a mystical creature which the Chinese believe to have magical power, it also took on the role of the stork for delivery babies.  This role was attributed to the kirin from the legend of Confucius at the time before he was born; one night a kirin with a scroll in his mouth appeared in front of his parents’ house, the scroll, an announcement from heaven, has the words “he will be a wise man with good morality, though he does not have a throne, he has the virtue of a king”.  The next morning, the kirin disappeared and Confucius was born, sine then the kirin is associated with delivering babies with talents.  The kirin boy pendent, like the long life locket is a special blessing for the child wearing it.

Here is the “making off”, featuring an antique kirin boy silver pendent.

kirin boy 3

DIA160mm, Hong Kong

For the Mountain Folkcraft Something Old Something New Jewellery Collection, we have designed a series of unique neckwear and here is one of them.

Its ingredients are;
glass beads,
& lots of passion in design.

DIA160mm, Hong Kong

Here it is the first piece of uniquely designed jewellery we are presenting to you for the Something Old Something New jewellery collection!

A leather neckwear of leave shaped turquoise ornaments.

As a child I was intrigued by this colour, an in between of blue and green, and with such a posh name – TURQUOISE.  The name of other colours are more simple, almost as if they have been designed for a child – RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, PINK, etc., with TURQUOISE there is a French air about it.  It was until much later that I discover the material, turquoise,  and funny enough the name came from an old French word which means Turkish, Turkey was the place where turquoise was imported to Europe.

Here is the animated Ken Nordine with Turquoise;

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