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pearl boxD160xL280xH80mm, China

A box for the precious objects, decorated with mother of pearl inlay describing a scene of plum blossom and playful birds.  The theme of plum blossom and birds often appears in jewelry, paintings and pottery, symbolizing the beginning of a new year (click to see our other items of the same theme).

pearl box


pearDIA90xH140mm, China

The craft of mother of pearl inlay on lacquer began in the Sung dynasty.  Turbo marmoratus (great green turban) shell are polished down to a thickness of 0.5mm, then cut into point, lines and planes, these are then inlay onto the container before lacquer is applied.  Click here to see the elaborated process.

Mother of Pearl lacquer box

DIA40xH25mm, China

The use of mother of pearl in lacquerware has been dated since the Zhou dynasty 1000 B.C. and matured in the Sung dynasty.  The pearl inlay into the black lacquer box creates a dream like magical colour, perhaps some the magic comes from the pain sticking workmanship that goes behind its creation.

jewelleryDon’t forget our collectable jewellery event is still on.

Newly arrived pieces with will be featured in the posts of the next following days.
These pieces of jewellery are carefully put together with the art of  Chinese knots with the strings all handwoven for the design.

Stay tune!

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Mother of PearlDIA180mm, Hong Kong

Who needs pearl when you have mother of pearl!?

W180xD230xH140mm (300mm when opened), China

Ladies like to put makeup on and look pretty and the Chinese ladies are no difference.  The concept of the Chinese vanity box has been around since the Sung dynasty; the mirror being part of the lid, can be folded away inside the box.  The little drawers store all the essential rouge, eye liners etc.  This box is decorated with the mother of pearl inlay.

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