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jade hair piece

DIA165mm, China

 The pendent for this necklace is a jade head piece.

The idea of a head gear comb developed very early in China; the word “beauty” 美 came from a goat 羊 hat over a dancing man 大 (a man 人 with his hands extended).  The concept of head gear developed into a social etiquette,  a complete system was formed for ranking of officials, classes and for different occasions.  When a young noble male reaches the age of 20,  there will be a crowning ceremony, signifying the change from a boy to a man.

Some head pieces are secured on the hair bundle rather than as worn as a hat and this pendant is one of them.



3 pongsDIA165mm, Hong Kong

The number 3, though not a number found on the human body is a number of many famous triads.  Man, Woman and Child; Birth, Life and Death;  Beauty, Gentleness and Friendship and of course, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

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