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DIA160mm, Hong Kong

For the Something Old Something New Jewellery Collection, we have a jade double lotus neckwear.  The twin lotus, Bingdi lotus, has 2 flowers on a single stem, there are more rare than having a twin for human.  For the Chinese it is a symbol of solidarity, being from the same branch, same heart, use to describe a loving couple.

Unfortunately, before I have a chance to post it on the blog, this unique item has already been sold.  But its such a nice piece that I could not resist of putting it on the blog anyway.

Follow the complete flowering process of the twin lotus here.



DIA160mm, Hong Kong

This neckwear has been sprinkled with a spoonful of jade beads.

Come to see our Something Old Something New Jewellery collection!

silver neckwear


DIA180mm, China

Today we have something more traditional, part of the Dong tribe consume, a triple ring silver neckwear.  Together with the silver head wear, they are the most important part of their costume, passing down from generations.  There are many style for the neck ring, we found this particular one to be very modern and bold.

DIA160mm, Hong Kong

Here it is the first piece of uniquely designed jewellery we are presenting to you for the Something Old Something New jewellery collection!

A leather neckwear of leave shaped turquoise ornaments.

As a child I was intrigued by this colour, an in between of blue and green, and with such a posh name – TURQUOISE.  The name of other colours are more simple, almost as if they have been designed for a child – RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, PINK, etc., with TURQUOISE there is a French air about it.  It was until much later that I discover the material, turquoise,  and funny enough the name came from an old French word which means Turkish, Turkey was the place where turquoise was imported to Europe.

Here is the animated Ken Nordine with Turquoise;

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