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gold beads

DIA160mm, Hong Kong

This Thursday’s causal wear accessory is a glass bead necklace.
Dont they look like those traditional fruit candy drops that is lightly coated with glucose and came in a tin?

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snuff bottleW45xL70xH25mm, China

A snuff bottle in the form of a sleepy blue frog.

Now a song for the festive season.

mirror paintingW320xH420mm, China

A mirror painting of a still life.

Though unintentional by the artist, there is something rather modern about the painting; the lack of shadow, the flatten objects, the solid colour, lack of detail and the sharp outline of the objects.

 Reminded me of Patrick Caulfield’s work.


W45xD45xH50mm, China

Millefiori, “mille” (thousand) and “fiori” (flowers), in Italian.

I had a similar millefiori paper weight as a child.  I had no concept of a paper weight then and took it as a treasure item which I spend numerous lazy afternoons staring into the glass.  I would swear once I saw the little flowers moving inside but of course no one would believe me.

The millefiori frog here is not a Baccarat, but I just love the 70s psychedelic feeling to the film … and now you can perhaps also see the flowers moving inside the glass.

snuff bottlesnuff bottle

W40xD25xH70mm, China

The blue rabbit on the transparent glass gives this bottle a dream like quality, it reminds me of legendary jade rabbit on the moon.

For the rabbits, this is perhaps their dream place to be, Okunshima, the rabbit paradise where rabbits runs free with no predators.  However, back in 1925 this island was a hell hole for the rabbits, they were used to test the poisonous gas that was produced on the island by the Japanese Imperial army.  The poisonous gas is now commissioned and a museum has been set up to alter the people of the effect of poisonous gas and war.

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jewelleryDon’t forget our collectable jewellery event is still on.

Newly arrived pieces with will be featured in the posts of the next following days.
These pieces of jewellery are carefully put together with the art of  Chinese knots with the strings all handwoven for the design.

Stay tune!

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W700xH550mm, China

This is a reverse glass painting; paint is applied onto a piece of glass which the image is to be viewed from the opposite side of the glass.  This art form was introduced from west to China in the Qing dynasty and likely by missionary Giuseppe Castiglione.  Being a Chinese court painter, he was a major influence in the oil painting history in China.

H120xW90mm, China

Snuff bottle is very popular in Qing Dynasty China, tobacco was introduced to China in the 16th century  smoking however is banned.  The use of snuff (powdered tobacco) is believed to have medicinal effect and therefore allowed, it quickly spread amongst the upper class and became a social ritual.  The container became more refined in terms of craftsmanship and the use material showing off the status of its owner.  This bottle is a red  overlay on transparent glass ground carved to illustrate bats (blessing).

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