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jewelleryDon’t forget our collectable jewellery event is still on.

Newly arrived pieces with will be featured in the posts of the next following days.
These pieces of jewellery are carefully put together with the art of  Chinese knots with the strings all handwoven for the design.

Stay tune!

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L330xH20mm, Mongolia

In Mongolia Shamanism the Blue Mighty Eternal Heaven (Mongke Tengri) is worshipped, in its legend 6 treasures was given by the Blue Sky to the Mongolian, 3 big treasures and 3 small ones.  The 3 big treasures are, yurts, grassland, cattle and sheep, the 3 small treasures are, Mongolian knife, matouqin and dairy products.  Hence, the Mongolian knife is treated also as a sign of blessing on top of it function.  In the nomadic days, a mongolian man who wear it by the waist together with the snuff bottle and the Mongolian flink.  The sheath has 2 holes for keeping a pair of chopsticks, isnt this the perfect eating kit for nomadic life.

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