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W240xD160xH100mm, China

An old wooden jewellery box with compartment, a mirror and a small latch for pad lock.

It gives a feeling of nostalgia and mystery.
Perhaps an ideal setting for a Joseph Cornell type box project.
A box of dream inside a lock treasure box.

W330xH430mm, China

Verre eglomise is a technique which dated back to Roman time as early as 400AD and revived in Europe in varies different centuries.  The French term was attributed by the french decorator Jean-Baptise Glomy who made it popular again in the 18th Century.  Verre eglomise was introduced to China from the west in the Qing dynasty, it quickly took on as a home decorative object for the wealthy and riches.  By the end of the Qing dynasty  it has been adapted as a popular craft form in China, so much that they were also for exports back to Europe.

W140xH140mm, India

Shisha (originated from the Persian word shisheh which means glass) is a form of embroidery that is very popular in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi of India.  Shisha embroidery is believed to originate in Perisa in the 13th century and brought to India by Persianate Moghul Dynasty.  This form of embroidery can be found on garments, accessories and even for home furnishing product, the glass is usually paired with the colorful fabric used in the area.  This is a small bag with mirror shisha embroidery and tasseled with bronze discs.

W180xD230xH140mm (300mm when opened), China

Ladies like to put makeup on and look pretty and the Chinese ladies are no difference.  The concept of the Chinese vanity box has been around since the Sung dynasty; the mirror being part of the lid, can be folded away inside the box.  The little drawers store all the essential rouge, eye liners etc.  This box is decorated with the mother of pearl inlay.

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