For the Something Old Something New Collectible Jewellery is the necklace of the three fish, the dushan jade fish are hang on a hand woven Chinese knots necklace.

Three fish are seen as a sign of blessing, in the East Han dyansty, when bribery was a common affair, there was a just  officer named Yang Zhen.  Yang was in charged of the appointment of government official, unlike the others before him, he would only appoint those who has the ability and reject those who tried to bribe him.  One day, when Yang was at a low point in his life, he saw three fish jumping out of pond.  He feels that the gods has understood him and blessed him with the three fish and soon after he was promoted to be one of the three top officials.  The three fish became a symbol for the three top officials under only the emperor himself, in today’s terms they are the prime minister, the secretary of home affairs and the secretary of defense.


Something Old Something New
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