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candle holder

DIA100xH140mm, Hong Kong

The joint venture with Soil and Cobo is still on till the end of the month, if you are interested in contemporary pottery come and take a look!

For me, these candle shades are like a father and son having a conversation with each other.

These candle shades are unglazed white stoneware, wheel thrown and then distorted, they are then carefully hand carved to get the openings for light.


Rock Box

DIA100xH70mm, Hong Kong


Rock shape box,
pinching to get a close form,
padding to get the facet shape and texture,
cut at semi dry to get the lid perfectly fit.

stem bowl

DIA140xH160mm, Hong Kong

As Chinese new year is coming up, this stem bowl is perfect for displaying the edible goodies.

Stoneware, glazed, 2 thrown pieces assemble.

vaseDIA200xH320, Hong Kong

William Morris once said among the simple necessities that ought to furnish a room are a vase or two to put flowers in.  If you are getting just one vase for your “room” this one will be perfect.  And if you already have a collection of vases, this will be a delightful addition.  Its shaped made it very easy for arrange for tall stemmed flowers, like the ginger lily (Hedychium coronarium), widely available in the local markets, but under appreciated.

Stoneware body with semi matt cornish stone white glaze and orange underglaze enhancement. Thrown on wheel.

shell boxW80xD80xH80mm, Hong Kong

Everytime I see this box it just brings a smile across my face.  It just made me think of a happy oyster.  It will make a brilliant place for storing all the little treasure that would become pearls over time.

Orgainc shape box by King Fung; stoneware glaze, made by simple two parts pinching and alteration.  Finger indent works provide an easy grab for opening the box.

song mug

DIA90xH100mm, Hong Kong

For the “Throw A Party” event, ceramic artist King Fung, instructor of the Cobo Ceramic Workshop, has created for the event a series of song mugs. A song singing glazed stoneware which interact with the user.

Stoneware glazed, body and handle are made by throwing and joined together after trimming. A small clay ball was put inside the hollow handle to give it a ring.


Continuing with the Something Old Something New theme and our collaboration with Soil, we now have another venture:

Cobo X Soil X Mountain Folkcraft
“Throw A Party!”

A selection of pottery works produced from the studio (Chris, King + the students) will be available at Mountain Folkcraft.  All the works are handmade and unique.

Cobo Ceramic Workshop is a pottery workshop founded in 1995 by Chris Lo, together with King Fung regular classes are held as well as commissioned work for corporation and individual clients.
This is the workshop I attend my classes and personally I think it is the perfect place to learn pottery, love it!

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