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W160xL380xH250mm, China

Ceramic pillows have long been used by the Chinese, offering the pleasure of a coolness in those hot summer nights.

They became most popular in the Tang dynasty when the technique of firing has reached a certain height and pottery becomes available to the masses.  Different forms and style were made and the children theme was one of them.  This particular pillow is known as the “hai er zhen” and was made by the famous kiln in the South of China, Ci Zhou kiln, which is characterized by the descriptive black strokes on white clay or vice versa.


bamboo ladleDIA120xL360mm, China

Before there are plastic or stainless steel drainers, the one made with bamboo is a household item.  Bamboo is a faster growing plant, a material that was employed in most household objects; chairs, sieves, baskets etc.  The technique of bamboo weaving became a special craft in China and Japan alike, but with the arrival of newer material such as plastic, the craft of bamboo weaving is becoming a dying art.

The bamboo strainer is perfect for making noodles.

stationary box

W250xD140xH110mm, China

While researching on other items relating to opium, I realised there has been a mistake.

This item as previously published (2013/10/23) as being a stationary box.  Apology!  It is actually a box for storing the opium kit.

Similar box can be found in the Brooklyn Museum Collection.


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