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Spikey Coffee Press

H140xW50xD50mm, Hong Kong

Something Old Something New, a pair of spoons (head) double as tamper (base) for making expresso.

The figurines are of course the famous Spike … & I.  For more of Spike, visit his blog at


little spoonsW4xL9mm, Hong Kong

These series of unique spoons are an exploration by the artist of Japanese clay and glaze materials. Fired in gas kiln (1200C) in Shigaraki, Japan.

Gold Cross Spoon

W65xL130mm, Hong Kong

How can a party be without something glamorous.  This gold cross spoon is perfect for serving delicacy like caviar, foie gras, etc.

White stoneware, clear glazed, high fired, then with gold luster and refired to 750C.

L140mm, China

There is the English idiom “born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth” describing someone from a wealth privileged family.  In China where silver spoon is not a common utensil, for such a person one would describe him as “born with a golden key in one’s mouth”.

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