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W200xD150xH230mm, China

This is no ordinary wine jar but one that is without a lid.  One might wonder if all the wine has to be poured through the spout, but that will be a waste of wine.  Turning the jar upside down there is a hole at the bottom, but would’t the water just fall out when the jar is turned around?  The trick of the jar is built within the pottery, the hole a the bottom is extended by a tube which extends upwards to a height which is above the opening of the spout.  The wine is trapped around the tube ready to be poured out.


Tungkot Malehat

W35xD40xH130mm, Sumatra, Indonesia

This beautifully carved figurine belongs to the datu (shaman) of the Batak tribe in Sumatra.  It is the finial of a tungkot malehat, a ritual staff used by the datu.  The tungkot malehat consist of the kneeling figure as well as a rattan or bamboo staff (which unfortunately is missing).  Traditionally, these magic staff is carved by the datu himself, they are powerful supernatural weapons for fighting off evils spirits and also has the power of healing.  During the ceremony the datu would enter into a trance while holding the staff which would aid him in the ritual.

W80xH180mm, Sumatra, Indonesia

Apology for yesterday’s misinformation, this is actually the stopper of the guri guri potion container, a container of magic for the Batak tribe.

The magical potion is known as guri guri, used by the datu to perform good as well as magic with evil intention.  The guri guri is one of the most sacred object of the datu.  The figurine is a human riding on singa.   Singa is a mythological creature that is benevolent and powerful, it is described to be part human, part buffalo, part crocodile.

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