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Archery has been an important weapon in Korea, known as the Gak Gung, the bow is made with a composite of buffalo horns, bamboo and other material.

東夷 Dong Yi is the name Korean are referred to by the Chinese, the word 夷 is a combination of the word 大 (big) and the word 弓 (bow); it does seem that the Chinese has been wary of this powerful weapon.  In the Korean legends, the first Korean king Go Jumong could hit 5 flies in one arrow, King Park Hyeokgeose  can shoot the bow as far as China (the ancient day missile)!

One can see in this video that the construction of the Gak Gung is very established and specific.


Tungkot Malehat

W35xD40xH130mm, Sumatra, Indonesia

This beautifully carved figurine belongs to the datu (shaman) of the Batak tribe in Sumatra.  It is the finial of a tungkot malehat, a ritual staff used by the datu.  The tungkot malehat consist of the kneeling figure as well as a rattan or bamboo staff (which unfortunately is missing).  Traditionally, these magic staff is carved by the datu himself, they are powerful supernatural weapons for fighting off evils spirits and also has the power of healing.  During the ceremony the datu would enter into a trance while holding the staff which would aid him in the ritual.

W200xD150xH500mm, China

This figurine was made from the famous Shi Wan pottery town in the Guang Dong region.  Their figurines are typical to have a glazeless delicate facial and hand depiction while contrasting with an expressive and bold glazing on the clothing.  Another example can be seen in an earlier post, “Shi Wan Figurines“.

The general depicted here is one of the “3 good blokes” of the Tang dynasty, Pei Yuan Qing, his weapon is a pair of golden melon hammer.

You will be seen in this clip how the weapon  is being used (well at least in the Beijing opera).  This is a graduation show from the students of the Beijing opera school.

My dog spike has started sighing, ok ok, I promise no more Chinese opera reference for a while.

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