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W150xH300mm, China

The traditional Chinese beds are almost like rooms on their own; there is an entrance through a gate at the front, the sides and the back are filled with wood carving panels or balustrade, even the roof are paneled.  Unlike the western bed where the user can get on from 2 sides and the end if they so want to, the chinese bed can only be entranced from one side.  If a couple were on the bed, the one sleeping inside will have to squeeze pass from the foot of the other person to get out of bed by the gate.  The gate is covered by a curtain which is drawn open in the day time and close at night.  This is the metal hook for holding apart the curtain over the bed, they come in a pair.


W140xD110xH70mm, China

This pair of rectangular ceramic brick like objects are actually pillows!  Its most natural to seek for something to support one’s head while sleep, by Siu dynasty (600 AD), after trying different material, the Chinese came up with pottery.  The earthenware pillows are heavy and hard, these are used for burial.  Glazed porcelain are smooth, light and cool; by the Song dynasty they became a household item, there are a vast number of shapes and design.  For the reason of firing and the reduction of weight and material, the porcelain pillows are made hollow with airing holes on either side, another reason is for the cooling of the user.  At the time when there are no air con, electrical fans, these helped to pass many long hot summer nights.  This is a pair of  simple rectangular pillow with design of the dragon and phoenix painted on, perfect for wedding.

Congratulation GY and Miranda!

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