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W230xD110xH180mm, China

This is a bamboo case with all the parts; hinges, bolds, handles are made out of bamboo.  This brings back a lot of memories for me, as a child of a folkcraft shop owners this is the version of the Bond’s gadget briefcase I had.  Inside stored all my little treasures.


L150xW110mm, China

The opera character of this paper cutout is Wei Chi Gong of the Siu dynasty who was persuaded to defect from Siu to join the first Tang empire by the Tang emperor.  The story of the opera begins when Wei was still a general of the Siu empire whom went on war with the Tang, not only did he won, he disarmed a Tang general Yuan.  This general was humiliated and when Wei join the Tang empire, he made up excuses to have Wei killed, luckily the plan failed.  Years later, when the Tang emperor was losing his war, general Yuan left him and ran for his life.  Luckily Wei arrived to save the day.  This is Wei story in the opera but perhaps you know him as the Chinese door god, but that’s another story…

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