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A delicate stem of porcelain flower.

Continuing from yesterday’s theme, today we have another water plant, the daffodil, (shui xian) 水仙 which literally means the saint of the water.  Behind the name is a love story; in the beginning of Chinese history the mythical Emperor Yao has 2 daughters, Princess E Huang and Nu Ying, they were both married to Emperor Shun.  The three of them were much in love, when Emperor Shun passed away, the two sisters jumped into a river and committee suicide so the three could be together.  The gods were moved by their love and made them into the saints of the water flower.

Amongst the unique pottery, you will also find Mountain Folkcraft’s collection at the Cobo Ceramic Workshop X’mas Sale.

1/F Fortune Court, 33 Morrison Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

5 – 9 Dec 2014 (Fri – Tue)



DIA190xH160mm, China

 This beautiful painted pot is a container for rice porridge (congee), a nourishing dish for the elderly.  Though this is an object that would only be found in wealthy families, it seems that elaborated  decoration and the specific usage might have another reason other than the utilitarian one.  The Chinese name for the congee pot is 粥罐 “zhou guan” which has the same pronunciation as 做官 “zuo guan” (being a court official, which is the desire of all commoners).  For this reason, these shape of pots 罐 are view more highly than that of vases and though has an everyday function are highly decorative.  Congee also is a easily digested meal which promotes longevity.  In this sense the congee pot is seen as an item of blessing and thus had a special place in a household.

Now if you are interested in making congee to go with the pot, here is how they make it in the best congee place in Hong Kong.

And this is how you can make it at home in 5 mins!

daffodil bowl

DIA200xH160mm, China

One of the decorative plants for the Chinese New Year is the daffodil, it is so popular that containers are made specially for its display.  The bowl has a number of the symbolic elements; the lotus plant and the mandarin duck.  The Chinese word for mandarin duck, Yuan Yang, stands for the male (yuan) and female (yang), meaning a pair of loving couple.  The lotus plant is a symbol of fertility.

W140xD110xH70mm, China

This pair of rectangular ceramic brick like objects are actually pillows!  Its most natural to seek for something to support one’s head while sleep, by Siu dynasty (600 AD), after trying different material, the Chinese came up with pottery.  The earthenware pillows are heavy and hard, these are used for burial.  Glazed porcelain are smooth, light and cool; by the Song dynasty they became a household item, there are a vast number of shapes and design.  For the reason of firing and the reduction of weight and material, the porcelain pillows are made hollow with airing holes on either side, another reason is for the cooling of the user.  At the time when there are no air con, electrical fans, these helped to pass many long hot summer nights.  This is a pair of  simple rectangular pillow with design of the dragon and phoenix painted on, perfect for wedding.

Congratulation GY and Miranda!

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