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W180xL250mm, China

This is an embroidery hat for a child, flower pattern is embroiled on silk.  The embroidery would usually be made by girls in the family.  Please note that this is not a baseball style cap, the extension is not the bill but  a cloth that drap down the back of the neck.


W220xL300mm, China

Over Chinese New Year, wood block prints which express good fortune, blessing and protection would be posted in every household, shops, basically anywhere with a roof over (even at livestock are kept).  These prints are replaced on every New Year.  This print is of the Eye Goddess of the Taoist religion, she is one of the 15 mother goddesses, it is believed that her prayer would heal any problem of the eye.  The  Goddess print will be displayed in clinic of an eye specialist and at home of those that have sight problem.

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