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DIA160xH200mm, China

Still looking for a hat for the Halloween?

The creature on top of the hat is not an alien or a monster but a tiger.  This powerful animal has been a subject for worship, its strength and fearless image offers a kind of protection and aspiration for the Chinese.  Along with other costume of the tiger theme, the tiger hat would be given to the child by the parents on Chinese New Year so the child can be protected for the rest of the year.

Click here to see the other tiger costumes.



DIA150xH70mm, China

This is a hat for the new born baby, a blessing from the mother.

Three different fruits are embroidered on the top of the hat (click on the links for more stories about the symbolism);
Peach – symbolizes longevity,
Promegranate – symbolizes fertility,
Buddha’s Finger – symbolizes happiness.

Embroidered n the back flap are the symbols of;
the word “壽” – longevity,
– “Swastika” – luck,
Double Bat – double blessing.

All the good thoughts from the mother to the child.


Fiber weaving is a craft that has been practiced by the Aboriginal tribes in Australia.

Daily objects such as baskets, nets, etc. are made with plant fiber collected from the area, typically pale rush (Juncus Pallidus), white flag iris (Diplarreana Moraea) and forest flax lily (Dianella Tasmanica) according to the different seasons.  The grass will be dried over a slow fire and stripped before they are use for weaving.

national day

DIA200xH80mm, China

Have a great day!

Spike is rejoicing for the cancellation of this year’s firework celebration.
Rooaf Rooaf!

felt hat

RIM DIA220mm, China

This felt hat is part of the Beijing Opera costume, it is one that is worn by the Chou (clown) character.  Within the clown category, it is separated into the fighters and the intellectuals (I guess for clowns, this would mean the non-fighters).  This hat is used by a type of  intellectual clowns known as the Towel Clown (Jin Zi Chou) in the role of an old and amusing man.  The most famous of the Towel Clown is Chong Gung Dou, the old guard who helped the loyal prostitute Su San to escape.


hatRIM DIA160mm, China

On the Tea Horse Route, there are gangs of horse cavavanners who take up the job for transporting goods through the network of narrow mountain pathway from Yunnan.  Their routes connects Beijing and other big Chinese cities to Tibet, South East Asia, India, Africa and Europe.  They were the main form of trade transport before the arrival of railways and roads.  Nevertheless, even today, they cavavanners are still the main porters for the Pu Erh tea of Yunnan.

The life of the cavavanners take up a lot of hardship; camping at where ever they stop, taking care of the goods and the horses, facing all sorts of danger and unexpected danger on their journey.  All these made the groups unite and willful, not only do they look out for their gang members but also other gangs.  The palm fiber hat is part of the gang costume that unified the group.

Baby HatDIA170xH100mm, China

This is a butterfly embroidery hat for a new born baby, before a child is born the grannies will prepare a hat for the new comer.  A tiger hat for the boy and a butterfly hat for the girl (there was no ultrasound then, so I suppose they will have to make one of each, just in case).  Butterfly symbolizes beauty, a wish for the family for the young baby girl.

8 immortalsDIA165mm, China

The figurines on this necklace used to be the ornaments of a child’s hat.  A special hat would be made for the child’s birth, 100 days celebration and the first birthday.  The hat is seen as a blessing for the child, depending on the gender, family social status, the design of the hat varies.

The gold plated enamel ornaments would have belongs to a hat of a wealth family.  The 9 figurines are the 8 Immortals (one either side) + the god of Longevity (in the middle).  The 8 Immortals are; Iron-Crutch Tie Guai Li, Philosopher Han Xiang Zi, Elder Zhang Guo Lao, Lan Cai He, Immortal Woman He Zian Gu, Leader Lu Dong Bin, Han Zhong Li and Royal Uncle Cao Guo Jiu, they are Taoist saints who are not very powerful and have a few human frailties.  One of the many stories of the 8 Immortals is about their birthday wishes for the Queen Mother of the West and thus the appearance is associated with birthdays and blessings.

Here is a clip from the Xiang opera “8 Immortals birthday wishes for the Queen Mother of the West”

 Collectible Jewellery
Something Old Something New

W180xL250mm, China

This is an embroidery hat for a child, flower pattern is embroiled on silk.  The embroidery would usually be made by girls in the family.  Please note that this is not a baseball style cap, the extension is not the bill but  a cloth that drap down the back of the neck.

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