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Archery has been an important weapon in Korea, known as the Gak Gung, the bow is made with a composite of buffalo horns, bamboo and other material.

東夷 Dong Yi is the name Korean are referred to by the Chinese, the word 夷 is a combination of the word 大 (big) and the word 弓 (bow); it does seem that the Chinese has been wary of this powerful weapon.  In the Korean legends, the first Korean king Go Jumong could hit 5 flies in one arrow, King Park Hyeokgeose  can shoot the bow as far as China (the ancient day missile)!

One can see in this video that the construction of the Gak Gung is very established and specific.

W300xL300mm, Korea

For the Something Old Something New Exhibition with Soil, we have the Korean artist Seung Yun Yoo and her fabric creation, hand printed dyed with natural ingredient.

Seung lives in Seoul, Korea. She makes home textile goods inspired by her plain but beautiful surroundings.  After studying fashion design at Esmod Seoul and Illinois of Art in Chicago, She worked for several clothing companies in New York and Seoul.  Recently she quited her day job and started to make her own fabric creations.  All products of Seung were printed and made individually by hand with care.  She hopes to make something simple, different and sincere which can fit into every home.

To learn more about Seung visit her blog @

W200xH200mm, Korea

This is a mask used in the Talchum mask dance in Korea; the dances were in the past an outlet for letting out the frustration felt by the commoners towards the Yangban ruling class who were following the Confucian doctrine.  The stories of the dance often mock the ruling class by ridiculing monks, the upper class and shamens.  The dance would be performed at festivals, these dynamic dances are received by an equally energetic audience who would join in the dance at the finale.  This is a monkey (Wonsungi) mask made of paper and fur; in the dance the monkey usually plays the role of mimicking humans.