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W450xL700mm, China

This costume belonged to the Sanjiang Dong Tribe of the Guangxi area.

The garment is made with handwoven fabric with brocade trimming around the collar and placket, a decorative embroidery trimming is added to the bottom of the jacket.  It would be worn as an opened jacket revealing the embroidered du dou that is worn underneath.



W700xH1400mm, China

This costume belonged to the wizard of the minority Dong tribe.  In the villages of Guang Xi area, each village will have their own wizard, whom like Harry Potter are passed down from generations of wizards.  The wizard would make offering to the gods as well as casting away the evil ghosts.  Life in the villages are harsh, whenever sickness or other misfortune fell on a family, they would asked the wizard to see if the place needed cleansing.


silver neckwear


DIA180mm, China

Today we have something more traditional, part of the Dong tribe consume, a triple ring silver neckwear.  Together with the silver head wear, they are the most important part of their costume, passing down from generations.  There are many style for the neck ring, we found this particular one to be very modern and bold.

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