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mu yuDIA90xH60mm, China

Mu Yu is a form of Chinese percussion musical instrument, it comes in different sizes from DIA 40- 850mm producing different sound at each size.  The smallest size is only for the used in the Buddhism recitation.  The name Mu Yu (wooden fish) is believed to be a reminder for the monks, as the fish is awake and alert in the day and at night, Buddhism should be practiced just the same.

Here is what it sounds like with chanting:

And here is a Maywa Denki version:

L770xW300xH120mm, China

The Yangqin is Chinese hammered dulcimer, however, the original  instrument was imported from Persia in the Ming dynasty (around 1580).  A similar instrument was very popular in Europe during the 14th century which later inspired the invention of the harpsichord, clavichord, piano forte, and eventually the piano.  There are many different types of Yangquin, the one we have here is a Butterfly Yangqin which is similar to the origin version, it is smaller and only has 2 bridges.  Its sound range is limited to the natural note (the sound from the white keys of the piano).  This yangqin has a lacquered box with beautifully gold painting of the 8 Saints, the instrument  is a bit worn out and would require some fixing and tuning before it can be played.  The instrument was made the the Guangdong Ya Yun Leu.

Performance of the Ode to Yellow River with the Yangqin

Same piece performed on the piano by Lang Lang

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