wood block printW220xL300mm, China

A new year wood block print of the God of Wealth, Zhou Gong Ming.  It is believed that Zhou was born in humble family in the Qing dynasty.  As a young he worked as a labourer for a wood merchant, being honest, generous and hard working he was popular.  Soon he was able to start his own wood business and accumulated a good deal of wealth.  Zhou would lend money to those who need them; one merchant borrowed some money and made a lost at a natural disaster, Zhou only asked him to return a pair of chopstick for the money owned.  At time of war, Zhou used his own money to fund an army in support of his country and headed the army himself.  He bravery was well known and even tamed a troubled tiger as a pet.  In most of the God of wealth icon, this black tiger is at his company, here you can see it half hidden inside his coat.  Because of his generosity and bravery he was worshipped after his death and named the God of Wealth.

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