W70D60H150mm, China

This a a figure of Ne Zha, perhaps the only child deity of China.  His legend, however, is no bed time story.

Ne Zha was born in the Shang dynasty, son of general Li Jing, the miracle drama started the minute he arrived to this world.  After being pregnant for three and a half years, his mother gave birth to a ball of flesh.  General Li thought it was a demon and split the ball opened with his sword, there a boy jumped out of the opened ball.  This boy was Ne Zha, he was already capable of walking and speaking and soon became a disciple of Tai Yi Zhen Ren.  One day in May when he was seven, he took a bath by the sea and disturbed the dragon palace, the Dragon King send his coast guard to see what had happened.  Ne Zha started and argument which turned into a fight and killed the guard, the Dragon Prince came and was also killed (I wont go into the detail of his injuries …)  The dragon king was on his way to complain to Jade Emperor and got beaten up badly by Ne Zha.  The news traveled to the Jade Emperor anyway and the entire family was sentenced to death, General Li and his wife was captured to be executed.  Ne Zha turned himself in and said he is the one who made the mistake and should be the only one being punished, before his execution, he carved out his own flesh and bone to return to his parents.  Moved by his act the Jade Emperor and let his parents lived.

Through a dream Ne Zha asked his mother to build him a temple so there is a place for his soul.  Unlike Lady Li, his father is still upset at Ne Zha and punish his soul, when he found out about the temple he had it burnt.  Ne Zha was angry, with the help of his master he rebuild his body with lotus roots and now armed with the iconic wind Fire Wheels and the Universe Ring.  General Li was saved from Ne Zha by the powerful Rand Deng Dao Ren and the boy finally tamed.

In this figurine, he is holding the Universe Ring, the Fire Wheels are replaced by the typical dragon and tiger that the junk boat god rides.

Ne Zha was worshiped by the fisherman for his power to control even the dragon king who is in charge of the sea.


A chant for inviting Ne Zha to the temple.