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clay toyW150xD40xH200mm, China

Characters from the Beijing Opera (which is a collection of legendary stories in itself) are made into toys.  I suppose the its no difference now with Buzz Lightyear and the Woody action character, an hero friend you can keep in the pocket.

This is Guan Yu, the hot blooded general of Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms era (200BC), the character is made popular by the historic novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (published 1350) where he is described as 9 feet tall with a 2 feet long beard, a date colour face and red lips, eyes of a phoenix, silkworm like eyebrow and above all loyal and dignify.

Not only is he a favorite character for the kids,  he can also liked by the adults, taking on the role as the God of Wealth.  In praise for his loyalty, in Hong Kong Guan Yu is also worshiped by the police and Triads alike.


money god printW300xH380mm, China

Today, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, is the day to welcome God of Wealth.  Traditionally, early in the day one will heard drums and gongs, fire crackers from the shops as well as a fest of food to invite the God of Wealth for visit, some might even go through the trouble of  welcoming him early in the night so to make sure he will not be going anywhere else.

On this new year print there are 2 Gods of Wealth, one academic and one martial.  The god of wealth is a title, it is not attributed to a single saint but a handful of saints.  The Academic God of Wealth has the task of delivering wealth and commonly refers to Fan Li and Bi Gan, both a loyal and wealth character who helps out with country and the poor.  The Martial God of Wealth is responsible for safe guarding the wealth, they are General Zhao Gong Ming and General Guan Yu, both legendary fighters.

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wood block printW220xL300mm, China

A new year wood block print of the God of Wealth, Zhou Gong Ming.  It is believed that Zhou was born in humble family in the Qing dynasty.  As a young he worked as a labourer for a wood merchant, being honest, generous and hard working he was popular.  Soon he was able to start his own wood business and accumulated a good deal of wealth.  Zhou would lend money to those who need them; one merchant borrowed some money and made a lost at a natural disaster, Zhou only asked him to return a pair of chopstick for the money owned.  At time of war, Zhou used his own money to fund an army in support of his country and headed the army himself.  He bravery was well known and even tamed a troubled tiger as a pet.  In most of the God of wealth icon, this black tiger is at his company, here you can see it half hidden inside his coat.  Because of his generosity and bravery he was worshipped after his death and named the God of Wealth.

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W150xD100xH300mm, China

There are numerous gods of wealth in China, mainly there are 3 more popular ones, the Main God of Wealth (Zhao Gong Ming, also known as the Moon God of Wealth), the Intellectual God of Wealth (Fan Li) and the Martial God of Wealth (Guan Yu).  This is a figurine of the Main God of Wealth.

And you might ask why is he has a pet tiger, well actually that is his transportation which he picked up on the way to the war of  Emporer Shang Zhou Wang.
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W100xD80xH200mm, China

This is a gold plated figure of the God of Wealth General Zhao Gong Ming worshiped by the Taoist.  The figure is well known to be in armour, one hand holding a piece of gold, the other a silver whip and riding on a black tiger.  Legend had it that originally there were 1o suns, they blasted the earth, Hou Yi was asked to shoot down all of them but one.  The 9 suns became demons, 8 of them revenged and brought about sickness but one of them Zhao became human.  He was trained and attained the power to fight plague, as a reward for his hard work he was made god and in charge of the wealth of the world. You might also known him as one of the door god icon.

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