L210xD140xH100, China

Narcissus, daffodil, is a very popular plant in China especially for the Chinese New Year.  So popular that there is a special container for its presentation.  A month before Chinese New Year, one would find daffodil bulbs for sale in the market.  The bulb would be placed inside the bowl, secured by pebbles and 2/3 of it cover with water.  Up till the days before flowering, the water would be replaced daily, when it started to flower every 3 days.  When the shoots started to appear, locate the bowl to a sunny but cool place.  As daffodil is part of the New Year decoration, it is almost essential that it is blooming with flowers on New Year’s day, this normally takes 25 days at 20C, if lacks behind a bit of warm water on New Year’s eve would normally do the trick.   And if all fails, one can always pay a bit more for the perfectly planted daffodil at the flower market.