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A delicate stem of porcelain flower.

Continuing from yesterday’s theme, today we have another water plant, the daffodil, (shui xian) 水仙 which literally means the saint of the water.  Behind the name is a love story; in the beginning of Chinese history the mythical Emperor Yao has 2 daughters, Princess E Huang and Nu Ying, they were both married to Emperor Shun.  The three of them were much in love, when Emperor Shun passed away, the two sisters jumped into a river and committee suicide so the three could be together.  The gods were moved by their love and made them into the saints of the water flower.

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1/F Fortune Court, 33 Morrison Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

5 – 9 Dec 2014 (Fri – Tue)



L210xD170xH80mm, China

The daffodil plant was first recorded in the China’s History of Plants (花史) as a gift from Tang emperor to the sister of his beloved imperial concubine Yang Gui Fei.   The bowls for the imperial gift was of course made of gold, jade and 7 other jewels.  The daffodil bowl we have today is one for the common folks, a ceramic bowl with green glaze from the Shi Wan kiln.

And here is super cute cats with daffodil.

daffodil bowl

DIA200xH160mm, China

One of the decorative plants for the Chinese New Year is the daffodil, it is so popular that containers are made specially for its display.  The bowl has a number of the symbolic elements; the lotus plant and the mandarin duck.  The Chinese word for mandarin duck, Yuan Yang, stands for the male (yuan) and female (yang), meaning a pair of loving couple.  The lotus plant is a symbol of fertility.

L210xD130xH60mm, China

This is a celadon daffodil bowl, yes celadon is not limited to the pale jade green glaze, it also can be white, grey, blue or yellow.  The cracks on the bowl are only on the glazing itself and has no impact to the bowl, this characteristic is known as crackle glaze.  This effect for the randomness which mimic nature has been appreciated by the Chinese since the Sung dynasty.  However, this texture started off as a defect in the firing process; the clay and the glaze having a different expansion ratio.  This crackle style is known as “a hundred broken pieces”.

For more about daffodil, click on Blue Glazed Narcissus Bowl.

L210xD140xH100, China

Narcissus, daffodil, is a very popular plant in China especially for the Chinese New Year.  So popular that there is a special container for its presentation.  A month before Chinese New Year, one would find daffodil bulbs for sale in the market.  The bulb would be placed inside the bowl, secured by pebbles and 2/3 of it cover with water.  Up till the days before flowering, the water would be replaced daily, when it started to flower every 3 days.  When the shoots started to appear, locate the bowl to a sunny but cool place.  As daffodil is part of the New Year decoration, it is almost essential that it is blooming with flowers on New Year’s day, this normally takes 25 days at 20C, if lacks behind a bit of warm water on New Year’s eve would normally do the trick.   And if all fails, one can always pay a bit more for the perfectly planted daffodil at the flower market.

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