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W370xD250xH470mm, China

A wooden pail is an everyday item in a traditional Chinese household, it is included in every bride’s dowry (see the previous post – Lacquer Pail) and indeed there are many types.  The one feature today is a plain version for storing food stuff such as sweet cakes, flours, grain or dried fruits.  The container is constructed by several pieces of wood (like a barrel), its oval shape made the construction much harder.


W40xL60x10mm, China

This pendant is made from a piece of broken ceramic, from the shape of the piece it is likely to be of a medium size jar or a vase.  The figure on the piece is part of the a war story, these figures or themes are known as Knife-Horse-People which is a popular theme in the Qing dynasty.  See here for the clay version of Knife-Horse-People.

Though completely different, this ring seems like part of the portrait jewellery collection.

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