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W130xD130xH150m, China

A small wooden box with brass handles and buckles, perfect for a treasure hunt.

I have been wondering what a box like this would be for.  The lock is rather redundant as the box is so small that the thief would have just grab it and go.  Perhaps its a box for a child to keep all the little precious items; a pebble from the beach, a ginkgo leave, an unknown seed, a dice, feather of some bird, a seashell …


W40xD50xH130mm, Macau

This is an old figurine worshiped by the fisherman on the junk boats of Hong Kong, it is one of the ancestral saints – Crane Riding Mother Saint, a figurine representing the female ancestors.  It is believe that ancestors would protect the fisherman at sea.  In Taoism, the Taoist saints be believe to travel around by riding a crane.

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