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This cute little wood carving is in fact a tool, a wood block stencil for fabric printing in India, bunta.  The stencil is painstakingly carved out from a solid piece of wood guiding only by a rough piece of paper template.  Here is how they are made.

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Tie DyeTextile Width 1140mm

This is a piece of tie dye fabric, the folds created by the tie is still visible on the cloth, like the sketch mark on a drawing.  For me, these marks of process are very subtle and touching.  There is a sense of human creativity verse the now computer aided design products.

To see the making of tie dye fabric click here.

Textile Width 340mm, Thailand

This is a piece of handwoven textile that has a beautiful pattern print on with the technique of stencil dyeing.  Stencil dyeing is a form of resist dyeing; a dye resistant paste is applied on the fabric through a stencil, colour pigment is then added on by hand giving detail shades to the pattern.

Textile width 380mm, China

Hand woven fabric is a tradition art for the minority tribes in China.  Traditionally, the hand woven textile would be used for the small duvet for the child, the dowry of the bride, the keep sake head wrap, the decoration of ceremony – a significant piece of textile.  Not only are they functional they are also a show of love and care, however, at the highly industrialized China its concept of tradition and its function are both at risk of being replaced by something more trendy and more convenient to obtain, losing to either one would seize the continuation of this craft.

Textile width 380mm, China

This checker fabric is from the Bu Yi tribe in China, they are famous for their hand woven checker pattern fabric and their wax dyed fabric, they are one of the remain tribes whom the tradition of cloth weaving remains a strong tradition.  The checker pattern cloth is used for head wrap, bed sheet and clothing; though they are all checkers, the use are very specific.  Each pattern has its own story, this particular cloth is for making clothes.  Instead of going online or glue to the telly, girls of the Bu Yi tribe would weaving as their past time during the evening; the motivation comes from the preparation of the dowry which has to include the minimum of bed sheets, duvet cover, 10 costumes.

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