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Textile width 380mm, China

Hand woven fabric is a tradition art for the minority tribes in China.  Traditionally, the hand woven textile would be used for the small duvet for the child, the dowry of the bride, the keep sake head wrap, the decoration of ceremony – a significant piece of textile.  Not only are they functional they are also a show of love and care, however, at the highly industrialized China its concept of tradition and its function are both at risk of being replaced by something more trendy and more convenient to obtain, losing to either one would seize the continuation of this craft.

Textile Width 880mm, China

These tie dye are from the Bei minority tribe.  It is started with a white piece of cotton cloth, the pattern are marked, area for the pattern are then tied tightly together with threads.  When the tying is done, the cloth is first dipped into clear water and then in the dye, it is then hang to let dry and dye again, the dyeing process will take several days to complete.  After dyeing, the cloth is soaked in clear water to remove any excess dye, the threads are removed and the cloth washed and the cloth stretch out.  The white pattern are the are kept out from the dye from the tightly tied knots.  The dark  blue is the colour traditionally used for Bei tribe tie dye, we have requested for the additional colour to be made (all colours are traditional vegetable dye used by the Bei minority)

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