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fabric stensil fabric stensil

W160xL120xH65mm, India

A wood carved stamp for printing pattern on fabric in India, a bunta.

Wonder what the pattern will look like with this stencil?


fabric stensil2fabric stensil2


This cute little wood carving is in fact a tool, a wood block stencil for fabric printing in India, bunta.  The stencil is painstakingly carved out from a solid piece of wood guiding only by a rough piece of paper template.  Here is how they are made.

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Fabric Stamp

fabric stamp

W150xL110xD70mm, India

Today for the ASIAN FOLKCRAFT we have a tool.

This is a well used piece of bunta, the wooden stamp used for fabric printng in India.

This beautiful video explains how the stamp is carved and how the printing is done.

W180xL130xH80mm, India

These are stamps (Bunta) for making woodblock print textile.  Over a piece of draft pattern, the craftsman laboriously chisel out the design from a single block of wood.  Over at the printing sweatshop, plain colour fabric is stretched over the printing table.  The vegetable dye paste is placed in a tray and even out over a sheet of wire.  No draft or guiding sheet is used for the printing, the master printer would set out the outline colour, judging only by his eye, hands, points on the stamp and experience.  The stamp is placed and hit a few times by the fist ensuring a good impression.  The printing would go from left to right.  After the outline colour is finished, the second printer would follow, then the third etc.  The fabric is then put into an acid wash to fix the colour.

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