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W270xD270xH280mm, Thailand

This bamboo weaved basket is known as a kratip, a container for cooked sticky rice.  They are a common item owned by every household.  The kratip is double weaved, acting as a insulator for keeping the rice warm.  Kratip comes in different shape and sizes, here is a smaller version.

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L150xW70xH70mm, Thailand

This bamboo weaved box is a rice serving basket for Thai sticky rice.  So finely made, it is perhaps too precious to be used for a daily task.  Here is the recipe for Thai sticky rice for 2 persons.


  • 1.5 cup glutenous rice (sweet rice)
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • water
  1. wash the rice thoroughly
  2. soak the sweet rice in water with the salt  for 1-2 hours (this will shorten the cooking time)
  3. pour the sweet rice through a sieve
  4. put the sieve with a lid over a saucepan and steam 
  5. after 10 mins, flip the rice over and steam for another 5 mins
  6. put into contain and serve
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