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W140xD70xH120mm, China

A Yi Xing teapot made in the form of a traditional hessian sack.  When I was a child,  the hessian sack was the equivalent of the popular red white blue nylon bag.  They were used to hold anything from rice grain to jumping sack game.  Most memorable of all, is a sack that was supposedly kept at the roof top.  As a discipline measure, us kids were told that if we were to misbehave, we will be brought to the roof top, put in a sack and lock up in the store room.  None of us were naughty enough to have seen the back but to this day its still a horrible thought.  That’s the power of imagination.

L150xW70xH70mm, Thailand

This bamboo weaved box is a rice serving basket for Thai sticky rice.  So finely made, it is perhaps too precious to be used for a daily task.  Here is the recipe for Thai sticky rice for 2 persons.


  • 1.5 cup glutenous rice (sweet rice)
  • 0.5 tsp salt
  • water
  1. wash the rice thoroughly
  2. soak the sweet rice in water with the salt  for 1-2 hours (this will shorten the cooking time)
  3. pour the sweet rice through a sieve
  4. put the sieve with a lid over a saucepan and steam 
  5. after 10 mins, flip the rice over and steam for another 5 mins
  6. put into contain and serve
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