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W270xD270xH280mm, Thailand

This bamboo weaved basket is known as a kratip, a container for cooked sticky rice.  They are a common item owned by every household.  The kratip is double weaved, acting as a insulator for keeping the rice warm.  Kratip comes in different shape and sizes, here is a smaller version.

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CIR650xH650mm, China

The pleated dress is part of the female Miao tribe costume.  The legend of the pleated dress goes like this; once upon a time, there was a handsome Miao hunter, one day he caught a beautiful golden pheasant and he gave it as a gift to the girl he was in love with.  The girl, Ah Beng, looking at the golden pheasant and decided to make herself as beautiful as the bird, so she weaved a cloth added embroidery and made herself a pleated dress.  The neighbors saw how beautiful she looked and soon everyone started dressing with amazing pleated dresses.

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