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W140xD70xH120mm, China

A Yi Xing teapot made in the form of a traditional hessian sack.  When I was a child,  the hessian sack was the equivalent of the popular red white blue nylon bag.  They were used to hold anything from rice grain to jumping sack game.  Most memorable of all, is a sack that was supposedly kept at the roof top.  As a discipline measure, us kids were told that if we were to misbehave, we will be brought to the roof top, put in a sack and lock up in the store room.  None of us were naughty enough to have seen the back but to this day its still a horrible thought.  That’s the power of imagination.


steamerbamboo steamerDIA95xH100mm, China

We have a large bamboo steamer in yesterday’s blog and today a miniture one is featured.  This small tea container is a Yi Xing pottery, the famous teaware province.  As all Yi Xing teapots are hand built instead of made by on the potter’s wheel, the artisan are extremely crafted with their hands.  This miniature has all the details of the real bamboo steamer.

When one think of Yi Xing pottery, the dark brown colour clay (Zi Sha) comes to mind.  The brown colour of the Zi Sha comes from the high content of iron.  In the same area apart from the Zi Sha are other types of clay and the white clay is one of them.

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